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Market prospect of biomass pellet mill

2016-10-18 16:40|HMBT

  Biomass pellet machine market outlook is getting better and better,according to the statistics of the global environmental protection association, the sales volume of biomass pellet machine increased by 20% in 2015. Why in the context of global economic weakness, biomass pellet mill instead of number of sales growth?The answer is: Governments and the enhancement of environmental awareness, promotes the growth of new energy equipment sales.

biomass pellet machine
Biomass pellet machine

  First, Biomass pellet fuel is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly fuels.
  Biomass pellet fuel is wood chips, crushed stalks of plants and other biomass materials through high temperature pressing, which fuelled high density particles and raw materials of biomass particles are mainly tree branches, tree trunks, roots, leaves, plant stalk and straw biomass.Particles of biomass raw materials and its processing determines its combustion smoke-free, drug-free, energy-saving and environmental protection.So,in order to protect the environment, Governments are strongly advocating the introduction and use of.

  Two, Biomass pellet machines are becoming more affordable.
  Biomass pellet mill with the development in recent years, has achieved a generation shaped and built mechanized, with decreasing cost and increasing expansion of industry, the manufacturers of the particles are becoming more affordable.Therefore, an increasing number of large heat companies (such as power plants, boiler plants, steel plants, heating enterprises) or considered or individual purchase of biomass pellet mill.