HMBT Testimonial | Aaron


It is very pleasant to cooperate with HMBT pellet machine,the equipment has been running for 1 years, without any trouble,moreover, the yield has been very stable,so i decided to buy two sets of wood pellet mill which production 5 tons per hour to expand capacity.


HMBT Testimonial | Bernard


I feel very honored to cooperate with HMBT pellet mill.I bought 2 set biomass pellet machine which production 2 tons per hour from HMBT, when it comes to my equipment, I need quality that meets my needs with high reliability.

This is the best pellet machine I have met.

With HMBT, you're not taking any chances for changing pellet mill manufacturers, just a phone call away.

Now, the pellet production line has been running for nearly 3 years, in addition to the timing of the replacement of the mold and the oil, there is no running failure.

I am very glad that I chose to cooperate with the enterprise, and believe that in the future cooperation will be more happy.

HMBT Testimonial | Aiguo Liu


I do not know more about the HMBT because of my old age. But I heard they are doing good for the environment;I will let my grandchirldren to know and working like HMBT.