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BZJ series quantitative packing machine is Mechanical &Electrical Integration high-tech product which is used in the auto quantitative packing process of packaging production line.

The entire machine is made up of multi-stage filling apparatus, measuring apparatus and bag-clamping apparatus etc. The ordinary type packing machine is equipped with three-stage pneumatic gate type, gravity filling apparatus, which is suitable for quantitative packing of good fluidity material.

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  • Packing machine
  • Standard Features:

    • This packing machine has self-checking function and work status indicator
    • The users can do simple test after setting the parameterss
    • After discharging material, it cannot or is so fast to come into the next feeding state
    • The displaying weight is not conform to the actual weight
    • Pneumatic components work normally, but packing always exceeds allowable error

    Optional Features:

    • Efficient
    • Reliable
    • Compact
    • User-friendly
    • Robust
    • High capacity

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    Specifications and Dimensions

    US Metric

    Guiding number Function Index Line color of usual sensor
    1 Voltage output- EX- Black Black
    2 Voltage induction- SN-
    3 Vacant
    4 Voltage induction+ SN+    
    5 Voltage output+ EX+ Blue Red
    6 Vacant —— ——
    7 Signal input- SIG- Red White
    8 Signal output+ SIG+ White Green
    9 Shield