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Feed Pellet Mill Machine

Pellet mill

The ZLHM series pellet mill is being discovered by more industries. The application possibilities of pellet mills intoday ’ s process industries are virtually endless. In addition to biomass energy( pellet), animal feeds, or other materials being pelleted by HMBT customers include detergents, straw, sawdust, asbestos, Chinese pharmaceutical wastes, coal dust, organic fertilizer or charcoal etc.

HMBT ZLHM series pellet mill has its way in developing specialized pellet mill and dies to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing value and simplifying operation.

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  • Feed Pellet Mill Machine
  • Standard Features:

    • The application possibilities of pell et mills intoday ’ s process industries are virtually endless
    • All of our mills are built to the highest industrial standards using only the best materials, and include a limited 1 year warranty (excluding wear items)
    • All motors are premium efficient and we use only premium grade ge ar boxes on our mills (no pulleys) for speed reduction and maximum energy efficiency
    • Innovative engineering and design combine higher manufacturing technology to provide better quality pellet mills with better production levels
    • The HMBT designed models make the mills efficient and compact. The motors can supply its energy t o the rollers and die directly and efficiently with higher power rating

    Optional Features:

    • Innovative engineering
    • Quick maintained designing
    • Improved rollers and die
    • User-friendly
    • Robust
    • Innovative engineering and design

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    Specifications and Dimensions

    US Metric

    Pellet mill series Die Die dimensions Motor power
    Revolving speed
    General pellet mill dimensions
    Dia Φ
    Dia Φ
    L W H  
    Model ZLHM250 9.84 250 22 1465 1300 1600 1400  
    ZLHM300 11.8 300 45 1475 1300 1600 1500  
    ZLHM350 13.8 350 55 1480 1500 1600 1700  
    ZLHM420 16.5 420 90 1480 2800 1000 1900