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Rotary drying machine

Drying machine

The Rotary Drying Machine is suitable for drying sawdust, organic material, chemical material and etc. This type rotary dryer has davantage of high drying capacity, stable working performance, low consumption and easy operation.

Rotary drying machine adopts air inhale device to inhale the hot air from air-heating furnace to the inner of dryer to complete heating change with wet material .According to the different character of material, we use different type lifting plate and Anti-sticking measures.

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  • Rotary drying machine
  • Standard Features:

    • Robust, the whole drying machine and the stove are made by high strength steel which help to enlarge the service life
    • Energy saving, stove designed and made according to the combustion science, helps to save more energy and cut down cost
    • Low/high speed, the controlling system is equipped with frequency conversion to control the rotate speed of the drying machine
    • Bigger yield, scientific and practical interior structure to the drying machine make it produce more

    Optional Features:

    • Efficient
    • Reliable
    • Compact
    • User-friendly
    • Robust
    • High capacity

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    Specifications and Dimensions

    US Metric

    Model Interanl diamter(in) length(in)
    Power(kw) Weight
    ( t)
    Φ0.8*10m 800 10000 10 2.2 3
    Φ1.0*10m 1000 10000 10 3 4.6
    Φ1.2*10m 1200 10000 8 2°~3° 4 5.6
    Φ1.6*10m 1600 10000 3.8 2°~3° 11 19.7
    Φ2.0*22m 2000 22000 3.8 2°~3° 15 34
    Φ2.6*22m 2600 22000 3.3 2°~3° 30 47