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Biomass Pellet Mill Machine

Pellet mill

Innovative engineering and design ing have been combined with the latest manufacturing technology to provide the higher quality pellet mills with better production levels ever achieved along with excellent pellet quality. HMBT provides better equipment , dies, rolls, parts and services which together represent lower operating cost solution to our customers.

The ZLG series Pellet mill are being discovered by more industries. The application possibilities of pellet mills in today ’ s process industries are virtually endless. In addition to biomass en erg y( pellet), animal feeds, or other materials being pelleted by HMB customers include deter gents, straw, sawdust, asbestos, Chinese pharmaceutical wastes, coal dust, organic fertilizer or charcoal etc.

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  • Biomass Pellet Mill Machine
  • Standard Features:

    • Save money, One die can be used twice
    • Increased se rvice life, R educed quick - wear part cost
    • simple maintenance, W ith auto lubricating system and quick maintained designing, it makes maintaining easy and reliable
    • Easy retrofit,Available for install ation on existing HMB pellet mills
    • Auto lubricating to the rollers and double usage of the die, help to provide a longer service life

    Optional Features:

    • Efficient
    • Reliable
    • Compact
    • User-friendly
    • Robust
    • simple maintenance

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    Specifications and Dimensions

    US Metric

    Pellet mill series Pellet mill mode Die dimensions Motor
    General pellet mill dimensions
    Dia Φ
    Die width
    Dia Φ
    Die width
    Die single
    L W H
    ZLG ZLG450 17.7 2.5 450 64 635 55 72 2100 1200 1800
    ZLG560 22 2.76 550 70 879 90 74 2700 1300 2300
    ZLG850 33.5 3.3 850 84 2135 220 66 3500 1700 2900